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  How it works   Social media channels Transcriptions was founded in 2009. Dedicated to providing transcription services at reasonable rates, has been catering to the transcription requirements of businesses both large and small and from different backgrounds.

Our services span across a wide field of transcriptions which includes all subcategories of General transcriptions and Legal transcriptions.  A strict code of confidentiality is maintained as transcription work progresses through the typing, proofreading and the delivery stage. Etranscriber's mission is to provide accurate, low cost and reliable transcription services and a happy customer experience.
  Step One To place on order fill out the Order Form in the 'Place Order' section

Step Two You will then be redirected to the initial payment page. Out initial payment is 60 percent of the total order amount. We charge you the remaining 40 percent after you have received the final transcripts.

Step Three After the Initial payment, you are directed to the Etranscriber's File Upload Zone where you can upload the files that need to be transcribed.

Step Four We deliver you the transcript in your mail box.

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